House Painting Color Consultation

When thinking about your next upcoming painting projects, what are some questions that you need to be thinking through with regards to paint colors? When someone comes to us wanting a new painting project done for their home, there are several questions that we ask in order to help them think through correct paint colors.

What room will you be painting? With particular rooms there are particular colors that work best. For instance, with regards to a kitchen, we find that lighter colors make the room feel better. With each particular room in your home there is a general color whether it is light or dark that will work best.

What are the colors leading into the room? Yes, different rooms can have contrasts with regards to color. However, there are certain colors that transition well with other colors. This is why it is important to think through the colors that lead into each room. Certain colors will make it feel more complete with a better transition.

What types of moods do you want with the room you are painting? There is a particular atmosphere and mood that occurs with each color. For instance, the color red gives off energy and excitement. White gives off brightness and help create hope. All of these moods that they create ultimately create a certain feeling within side of you. If you are an emotional person, then it is extremely important to think through colors to set the tone of your mood.

What are the colors you like? For instance, a lot of people like blue or white or gray. Each person has a general feel for particular colors that they like already. It is helpful to set these out as you begin to think about painting.

Once you have finally determined a direction that you would like to with regards to paint colors, it is helpful that you begin to test the paint color out. This is why it is important to purchase a small can of paint so that you put some on your wall. We suggest that you put it in a corner that is about 2 feet by 2 feet. This should be large enough to give you a feel for whether or not you will like the look. If you don’t like the color, then simply go get another can and paint over the previously painted area.

When you are thinking about painting your home, it is helpful to have someone who offers painting consulting. When you are looking for Broomfield painters, then contact the companies in the area to see if they offer paint consulting. If a painting company is able to help in this way, it will take the stress out of having to pick the perfect color for your home.