Should We Paint Before We Selling Our Home

With the housing market improving across parts of the country, many homeowners Sarasota Residence Painted by Gulfside Painting Contractors, Inc. are thinking about whether it is a good time to sell their home. If you are ready to sell, then there are many things to do to improve a home’s appeal. We offer free consultations to people to help them understand the pros and cons of painting. We also help them choose the best ways to put a home on the market.

Most real estate and decorating experts agree that painting a home—inside and out—is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to dramatically increase a home’s value. Fresh paint helps a home look and feel brighter. Some would argue that there are people who would prefer to paint their home themselves so they can choose the colors. However, the majority of professionals have found that painting a house before it goes on the market will help it sale faster—and offers a solid return on investment.

We can discuss the many choices available to you for exterior and interior paint. Here are some things to be considered:

  • What is the style of the home? What are the materials of the home’s exterior? What types of paint and colors would work best? Do some work better with the individual home and/or the surrounding neighborhood?
  • There are things to consider if you don’t want to paint your whole home. If you are not looking to paint your whole home, you may want to consider painting the front door to add a touch of color and newness to the home. A freshly painting front door makes a great first impression and can increase the home’s curb appeal significantly. The front door is one place it is recommended to add a pop of color.
  • Interior rooms painted with sophisticated and updated neutral colors will have the greatest appeal to the largest number of people. Although bright and bold colors can be fun and dramatic, they may be a turn off for people who would otherwise love your home. If you want to add color to your home, do it with artwork, furniture and decorating accessories.
  • Choosing a professional painter can make a big difference in the results you receive because prep work—including cleaning and repairing surfaces—is critical to the final outcome. A sloppy or unprofessional paint job can actually detract from your home.
  • In addition to walls, look closely at the trim work throughout your home. Do your doorways, railings and windows need to be updated or freshened up as well?

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